About Us

My Vida Origins was founded by two brothers who found the need to help others as one of their main purposes in life. Ronald (on the right) has been studying health and wellness for over 20 years. He first found his passion for health and wellness when he was in college back in 2001. Since then he has had an urge to research and read everything he can regarding natural remedies, herbs for treating certain conditions and techniques for improving overall health.

In 2011 Ronald decided to start his own YouTube channel with the intention of helping his friends and family with health and wellness tips who would often call him frequently over the phone asking for his advice. Little did he know he would not only end up helping his family and friends, but thousands of people along the way.

Along the journey, Ronald and with the help of his brother Bryan (on the left), have been able to continue the mission of helping others not only through social media, but also through My Vida Origins.

Since the first day of starting My Vida Origins Ronald and Bryan made it a goal to always source the highest/best ingredients possible when it came to making supplements without cutting any corners. With time they have learned how the supplement industry can be very deceptive to the average consumer when it comes to ingredients and the quantity used in specific supplement formulas.

My Vida Origins was created for a community of people who don't take their health for granted and have an interest in not only improving their lives, but also the lives of their friends and family.