Life-changing Benefits of Natural Supplements

Several people downplay the role that vitamins and minerals have on human growth and functioning of the human body. We tend to pay attention to other food classes like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins which are popular for their energy-producing effects. However, you should know that the body depends heavily on the presence of vitamins and minerals to function optimally. 

While these vitamins can generally be found in the food we eat, it can be quite challenging or troublesome to keep track of the exact vitamins and minerals we are exposing our body to. It is also almost impossible to know just how much of a particular vitamin you’re taking into your body, making it challenging to meet nutritional standards. This is where supplements come in!

What Are Supplements?

Supplements are formulations containing specific combinations of vitamins and minerals that our bodies require to develop and function properly. These supplements can include vitamins such as A, C, D, and E and minerals like sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and so on.

There are two types of supplements; natural supplements and synthetic supplements. Let’s take a look at the difference between these two.

Natural Supplements vs. Artificial Supplements: The Difference

Artificial supplements are “man-made” or synthetic supplements produced in laboratories and incorporated into foods (fortified foods) or marketed as supplement packs. On the other hand, natural supplements are organically derived from natural sources like fruits, vegetables, and even eggs.

The problem with artificial supplements is the fact that there is an increased risk of “overconsumption” of nutrients with them. These supplements are usually formulated to contain high concentrations of vitamins and minerals, much higher than the body needs. Unfortunately, some vitamins such as vitamin A and beta carotene can have serious side effects if taken in excess.  

B12, Ionic Magnesium, Diabetic Support

Benefits of Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are very important for many reasons ranging from the fact that they help contribute substances such as vitamins which the human body needs to function optimally, to also boosting immunity. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting or making the switch to natural supplements:

Anti-inflammatory Effects

You can develop inflammation in your body for many reasons, including mild injuries, over-exposure to chemical agents, or even something as “innocuous” as insect bites or stings. There are a lot of different drugs marketed these days to help in the improvement and alleviation of inflammation. However, these drugs are usually accompanied by undesirable side effects. For instance, while a steroid drug can help you experience relief from inflammation, it also lowers your body’s immunity, leaving you at risk of coming down with other potentially more severe medical conditions. 

There is, however, a safer way of approaching and dealing with inflammation and using natural supplements. Natural supplements such as lipoic acid, curcumin, and fish oil have effective antiinflammatory properties that ensure you can use them safely and easily take care of inflammation without the risks associated with using medications.

Improved Immunity

Your body’s immune system is very important in keeping you safe. Simply put, your immune system acts like a protective wall that helps prevent harmful or dangerous substances from gaining access to your body. It is important to note that a wall is only as strong as its parts. When building a strong immune system “wall,” you will need to regularly take in vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, and antioxidants. 

Luckily, tons of natural supplements provide easy access to all of these compounds and more, and using these supplements will help you always keep your immune system in optimal shape!

Improved Mental Health

While you might have already heard about the immune and anti-inflammatory health benefits of using supplements, chances are you’re not aware that supplements can also contribute to helping you improve your mental health. 

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the occurrence and diagnosis of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. As a result, there has also been an increase in prescription drugs like benzodiazepines and barbiturates to manage these conditions effectively. However, although these drugs are effective, they are mostly accompanied by side effects such as seizures and may even cause addiction. 

Special herbs like medicinal mushrooms as well as natural supplements like omega-3-fatty acids, vitamin D, and magnesium have all been proven to help in treating mental disorders like anxiety and depression as well as contributing to mood stabilization; and they do not cause addiction or other adverse effects noticed with using medications. So, if you’re looking for a natural boost to help improve and maintain optimum mental health, natural supplements are exactly what you need.

In addition to the above, natural supplement benefits also include:

  • Improved bone growth
  • Help nursing mothers meet dietary requirements
  • Help pregnant women lower the chances of congenital disabilities in babies
  • Improve eyesight and cognitive functionalities in the elderly 
  • Supplements (e.g., turmeric) also help to improve skin tone
  • Boost sleep health and energy levels
Wild Oregano Oil

Getting Started With Natural Supplements

Now that you know some life-changing benefits of taking supplements, you’re probably wondering, “What natural supplements should I get?” That’s a great question because there are a lot of natural supplements available for sale, so navigating the “noise” and finding the natural supplements you need for that life-changing effect can be tricky. Not to worry, we have you covered! Here are some natural supplement recommendations for you:

  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin that has numerous advantages, such as contributing to the formation of red blood cells, preventing dementia, and even the reduction of congenital disabilities. Its methylated form (methylated B12) has increased activity and bioavailability.
  • Green Juice: The green juice supplement is a highly concentrated blend of grasses and superfoods with a high content of natural nutrients and helps promote optimal health. It also helps to support thyroid function and boost the immune system.
  • Wild Oregano Oil: Wild Oregano oil is a supplement that can be applied both topically and ingested to improve immune system functioning and promote healthy intestinal balance. You should ensure that you only buy oregano oil derived from pure, natural sources to get the best spectrum of effects.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a natural supplement that helps to boost the immune system and prevent colds. Although it can be derived from a variety of foods, there are also natural zinc supplements that you can use.

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